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Mile Donation for ‘Facing the World’ Humanitarian Project

Vietnam Airlines has raised sufficient bonus miles to help two Facing the World medical experts fly to Vietnam for humanitarian work.

After the airline’s call on Lotusmiles members to donate 170,000 bonus miles needed for conversion to air tickets and support the two experts’ flights from the UK and Australia to Hanoi, many members made their donation and the airlines had raised the necessary mileage within 17 minutes.

The two experts are scheduled to visit in December 2022 to examine and provide surgery to 20 children with early craniosynostosis at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital and 108 Military Central Hospital in Hanoi. They will also train a team of Vietnamese plastic and orthopedic surgeons on advanced and modern surgical methods.

Appreciating the mile donation, Vietnam Airlines would like to express its deep gratitude to Lotusmiles members. Together, we will contribute to bringing hope and smiles to unfortunate people. It’s a great feeling when isolated children could reintegrate into the society.Vietnam Airlines looks forward to further companionship and sharing in future humanitarian activities. Joining hands with spiritual and material support will bring a new and better future for Vietnamese children while contributing to proliferating positive and good things in society.

For more than a decade, Vietnam Airlines has been supporting Facing the World work in Vietnam by providing air tickets to medical experts. A Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2019 by Vietnam Airlines, the UK charity FTW, 108 Military Central Hospital, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital and Hong Ngoc Hospital, which envisages the training of 140 doctors and more than 40,000 life-changing surgeries within the next five years in Vietnam.



About Facing The World

FTW is the UK’s leading medical charity established with the goal of treating children with craniofacial deformities in developing countries. Due to Agent Orange used during the war, the number of congenital craniofacial malformations in Vietnam is the highest, reaching 10 times above those in regional countries.

In addition to medical examination and treatment, FTW has sponsored telemedicine equipment and technology with a total value of £2.4 million (US$3.12 million) to surgical centers in Vietnam.

FTW’s contributions have been recognized by the Vietnamese and British governments. Ms. Katrin Kandel Burke-Smith, FTW Executive Director, was awarded the Friendship Medal by the President of Vietnam, the Points of Light Award in 2017 by the British Prime Minister, an award that recognizes the contributions of individuals and volunteer organizations that help bring change to the community.